A respected and dedicated champion of the field, Minnesota Center for Book Arts is the largest and most comprehensive center of its kind. We celebrate the book as a dynamic contemporary art form that takes many shapes.

Our mission is to ignite artistic practice, inspire learning, and foster diverse creative communities through the book arts.

We do this by creating access to specialized book arts tools, equipment, and knowledge; supporting interdisciplinary artistic development; expanding opportunities for people who have been historically underrepresented in the field; and presenting exhibitions and educational programs that create connections around the art of the book, promote innovation, and advance the future of the field.

A world in which creative expression through the book arts is accessible to all.

Our work is essential to the care of the human spirit. We believe that creativity is a basic human impulse that should be encouraged and recognized in all its forms, and that creative expression is core to a full and free existence. Through embodied, hands-on artmaking in collaboration with community, we cultivate deep connections with ourselves and others. We’re here because we believe in your creative potential.

MCBA engages a continuum of creators, learners, and admirers through high-quality programs that celebrate a diversity of artistic perspectives and voices. We advance the book arts field by inviting innovation, caring for traditions, educating new enthusiasts, inspiring creative expression, honoring artistic excellence, and empowering broad public access to this dynamic art form. From the traditional crafts of papermaking, letterpress printing, and bookbinding to new methods of art-making and communication, MCBA supports the limitless creative development of book arts.

The MCBA/Jerome Book Arts Mentorship Application Cycle: June 24, 2022 - August 17, 2022 at 11:59pm CT.

The Book Arts Mentorship is an artist development program aimed at introducing book arts to early career artists whose primary medium is in another discipline. There are many reasons to explore book arts as a new artistic medium. As a highly malleable and versatile form of expression, book arts extend the possibilities of other art forms. You can create a conceptual space. Experiment with sequence and visual or verbal narrative. Use book art forms to explore, document, or reexamine work produced in other artistic disciplines.

During the residency, three artists (or collaborative teams) will receive:

  • $2,000 award for the purchase of materials and to supplement other project costs (subject to state and federal income tax guidelines)
  • Basic book arts training at MCBA through required workshops and trainings in letterpress, bookbinding, and papermaking
  • An educational stipend of $1,250 to be used for required workshops and trainings as well as additional workshops or private tutorials to gain skills to complete the project
  • 24/7 access to MCBA’s bookbinding, printing, and papermaking studios for 10 months
  • The ability to receive mentorship support from MCBA staff through project meetings
  • One field trip to a local collection and one to a local book artist’s studio
  • Recognition through a culminating public exhibition in MCBA’s main gallery.
  • Professional documentation of exhibition

MCBA’s Studios and Equipment:

MCBA is a 12,000 square foot space with two galleries, a Shop, library, state of the art equipment and specialized studios including:

Letterpress Printing studio with eight Vandercook Presses, iron hand presses, platen presses, an etching press, Showcard sign press, light table, polymer platemaker, solvents, rags, gloves. MCBA has a large type library with wood and metal type.

Bookbindery with board shears, guillotine paper cutter, foil presses, paper drill, book cradles, sewing frames, backing press, nipping presses, spiral binder, and hand tools.

Screen Printing area with a darkroom, power washer, light tables for exposing screens, squeegees, and screen printing tables.

Papermaking studios with hydraulic press, restraint dryer, one-pound Valley beater, two-pound Reina beater, cook tops, felts, moulds, and deckles.

Equipment: MCBA also has equipment for traditional marbling, suminagashi, wood engraving, calligraphy, leather tooling, and alternative photography techniques.

Click here to learn more about MCBA Studios and Equipment.  ELIGIBILITY

The intent of this program is to recognize and support early career book artists living and working in Minnesota.

Artists who are eligible for this residency:

  • Early career artists are in the early stages of their creative development with 2–10 years of generative experience, and have a focused direction and goals, even while still developing their artistic “voice”. They have yet to be substantially celebrated within their field, the media, funding circles, or the public at large. Early career artists are vocational (as opposed to avocational, academic, amateur or educational) artists. For more information about the Jerome Foundation’s definition of early career artist, visit: https://www.jeromefdn.org/defining-early-career-emerging-artists
  • Artists who have lived in Minnesota for at least one year prior to the Residency deadline (August 17, 2021).
  • Artists who are available to participate in all aspects of the program. Please view the schedule in the application guidelines to verify availability.

Artist are not eligible for this residency if they are:

  • A degree seeking full-time/part-time student
  • A staff member of MCBA
  • A prior recipient of any McKnight Fellowship
  • A prior recipient of the MCBA/Jerome Book Arts Fellowship/ Mentorship


1. Carefully read the application guidelines. If you are need of any assistance with the guidelines please email aschneider@mnbookarts.org.

2. Make sure you are available to participate in all of the program dates listed in the application guidelines.

3. Prepare your materials: Letter of Intent, Image Samples/Video Samples/ Written Samples, Resume, Artist Statement, and Image Description List. Be sure to remove your name from all of your submitted documents! See the application guidelines for details.

4. Sign up for a Submittable account. All applications are submitted through the online platform Submittable. To begin, you will create a new account. You can “Save As Draft” and return to the application site until you complete your submission and click “Submit” (once you submit you will no longer be able to make any changes to your submission). After you have created a new account you can fill out the application form and upload the following materials.

5. Ask for help if you need it! Applicants are welcome to schedule one-on-one meetings (virtually or over the phone) with MCBA staff before submitting their applications online up until one weeks prior to the application deadline (August 10, 2022). Contact aschneider@mnbookarts.org / 612.215.2528

SELECTION PROCESS An independent jury with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and geographies who are in the book arts field will select three artists (or collaborative teams) based on quality of image samples and proposed projects, the Jerome Foundation’s values, and eligibility. Jurors will remain anonymous until the applicants have been announced to the public.  Applicants are evaluated and selected according to the following criteria:

Program Eligibility The Jerome Foundation's values: Artists who are creating compelling work that is deeply considered, imaginative, and executed. Artists who are innovative and risk taking, re-imagining conventional artistic forms. For more information about the Jerome Foundation's values, visit: https://www.jeromefdn.org/what-we-do Commitment to their practice Proposed project Impact the fellowship will have on the artist LINKS FOR MORE INFORMATION:

Application Guidelines

The Jerome Foundation

Contact Submittable for help logging into account/website issues

Artist Collective Membership

Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA) is a nonprofit visual arts center dedicated to leading the advancement of the book as an evolving art form. MCBA is committed to fostering a creative community of book artists and appreciators. We lead the field by promoting innovation, sustaining traditions, educating new enthusiasts, inspiring creative expression, and honoring artistic excellence. 

MCBA provides critical studio access through its Artist Collective, comprised of dedicated artists working in papermaking, paper marbling, letterpress printing, screen printing, bookbinding, and related arts. Artists must have sufficient training to work independently and safely in the studio areas they wish to utilize. Through this program, members have access to clean and well-maintained artist studios, rare equipment, exhibition opportunities, and participation in an eclectic community of fellow artists

· 24-hour access to the MCBA studios and library

· Preferred press access on Open Studio nights

· On-site storage: one shelf and one locker

· The opportunity to show work in the annual Artist Collective exhibition in MCBA’s Main Gallery

· The opportunity to participate in Art-Share sessions with MCBA staff and Artist Collective members

· 70/30 consignment-split on accepted work in The Shop at MCBA

· 50% discount on MCBA workshops (by registering two weeks in advance of a workshop’s start date; Artist Collective members still pay full supply fee)

Artist Collective Monthly Membership Rates 

LONG TERM MEMBERSHIP: Require a minimum six month commitment at a rate of $165 per month. Membership dues are to be paid by the fifth day of each month. After the initial six month membership, artists may maintain their membership on a month-to-month basis. 

SHORT TERM MEMBERSHIP: Short-term membership requires three to five month commitment at a rate of $195 per month. A limited number of short-term memberships are available based on studio capacity. Members cannot defer during short term membership.

ARTIST COLLECTIVE MEMBERSHIP FOR BIPOC PARTICIPANTS: MCBA is offering a reduced rate to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) participants to honor equity and increase access and artistic opportunities for those who have historically been underrepresented in the book arts. Both short and long term membership rates are $115 per month for long term (6+ months) and $145 for short term membership (3-5 months). 

ARTIST COLLECTIVE FELLOWSHIPS: The Artist Collective Fellowship offers studio space and membership in MCBA’s Artist Collective for one year in exchange for providing support and helping to maintain the studios during MCBA’s Studio Lab. Studio Lab provides artists with regular, low-cost access to our studios and equipment outside of workshops and classes. Selected fellows will work 12-15 hours per month. In exchange, Fellows receive 24/7 studio access, a shelf and a locker, and the opportunity to show work in the Artist Collective exhibition. 

COLLEGE STUDENT AND RECENT GRADUATE MEMBERSHIP: To foster the future of the field, MCBA offers a discounted rate on Artist Collective membership for degree-seeking college students and recent graduates of university programs. Membership rate is $115 per month for degree-seeking students and recent graduates for up to five years after graduation date. 

MCBA INTERNSHIP DISCOUNT: MCBA interns are offered a monthly rate of $115 on Artist Collective membership for up to one year after completion of internship. 

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS: Artist Collective member dues are owed by the fifth of each month. Late payments will assess a $25.00 fee after the sixth of the month. Artists can pay their monthly membership fee by keeping a credit card on file or by mailing a check each month.

*If artists do not remove their items from storage after their membership is complete, they will be subject to a $50 fine.

Contact MCBA's Executive Director with any questions about membership guidelines, fees, or benefits. Elysa Voshell: evoshell@mnbookarts.org / 612-215-2525

Minnesota Center for Book Arts invites teaching artists to submit proposals for in-studio workshops that focus on process, connection, and creativity. We're interested in participatory half and full day workshops in book arts and related mediums on Thursday evenings and Saturdays.

Questions and ideas can be directed to Anna Bredeson (abredeson@mnbookarts.org) before submitting a proposal for workshops.

Scheduling is ongoing with a deadline for September-October 2022 proposals on June 1, 2022 at midnight. We look forward to hearing from you!

We value a culture of equity and inclusion and encourage individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds and lived experiences to apply.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts invites teaching artists to submit proposals for live, virtual workshops that focus on process, connection, and creativity. We're interested in participatory single-evening, and multi-evening workshops in book arts and related mediums.

Scheduling is ongoing with a deadline for September-October 2022 proposals on June 1, 2022 at midnight. We look forward to hearing from you! Questions and ideas can be directed to Anna Bredeson (abredeson@mnbookarts.org) before submitting a proposal for workshops.

We value a culture of equity and inclusion and encourage individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds and lived experiences to apply.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts